The Market

The past and present atmospheres give this historical building a new personality. Modern, daring and sexy!

The new features of the building arouse the visitors’ senses and give it a cosmopolitan touch, characteristic of magic places, places with a soul, transversal to other cities with history and personality.

  • A modern market full of subtleties
  • An office area surrounded by a unique atmosphere.
  • A charming hotel, by the rhythm of his musical name

Always fresh, always at hand

The past is revisited in the new Bom Sucesso Market, through the familiar colors and scents of fruit and vegetables. One can almost hear the market woman’s catchy cries.

Modern days are still filled with those scents and colors, but the Market has gone a step further by adding new delicacies and flavors.

The place invites visitors to find out more about its history and about the road taken until the present day. In here all five senses are awakened.

And at the end of a working day, this inviting and sensorial space is ideal for a snack among friends, ideal to share thoughts and dreams, or to revive old memories. Life can be smooth, even with abounding sensations.

Matches your smile

Bom Sucesso Market is a Babel made of costumes, routines and traits of people that are here, and people that arrive. There are shopping bags, and little gifts to be exchanged, there are offices closing new deals and opening new doors.

There are local people enjoying the place, but also foreign faces, with different accents and languages, already so familiar. In between the hotel and the market area there is bustle and pauses punctuated with fleeting smiles and loud guffaws.

We love this concept that becomes more meaningful when a smile flowers from a pair of lips, when people cross each other’s paths in a place where so many things happen.

About Us

Find out more about the history of Bom Sucesso Market since its origins up until today. Traditions, stories, key characters, the rehabilitation project and the new market concept are compiled into one document so that you can extend your knowledge about this place.

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