Mercado do Bom Sucesso

The Concept

The Concept


The past and present atmospheres give this historical building a new personality. Modern, daring and sexy!

The new features of the building arouse the visitors’ senses and give it a cosmopolitan touch, characteristic of magic places, places with a soul, transversal to other cities with history and personality.

  • A modern market full of subtleties
  • An office area surrounded by a unique atmosphere.
  • A charming hotel, by the rhythm of his musical name


Always fresh, always at hand

The past is revisited in the new Bom Sucesso Market, through the familiar colors and scents of fruit and vegetables. One can almost hear the market woman’s catchy cries.

Modern days are still filled with those scents and colors, but the Market has gone a step further by adding new delicacies and flavors.

The place invites visitors to find out more about its history and about the road taken until the present day. In here all five senses are awakened.

And at the end of a working day, this inviting and sensorial space is ideal for a snack among friends, ideal to share thoughts and dreams, or to revive old memories. Life can be smooth, even with abounding sensations.

Matches your smile

Bom Sucesso Market is a Babel made of costumes, routines and traits of people that are here, and people that arrive. There are shopping bags, and little gifts to be exchanged, there are offices closing new deals and opening new doors.

There are local people enjoying the place, but also foreign faces, with different accents and languages, already so familiar. In between the hotel and the market area there is bustle and pauses punctuated with fleeting smiles and loud guffaws.

We love this concept that becomes more meaningful when a smile flowers from a pair of lips, when people cross each other’s paths in a place where so many things happen.

About Us

Find out more about the history of Bom Sucesso Market since its origins up until today. Traditions, stories, key characters, the rehabilitation project and the new market concept are compiled into one document so that you can extend your knowledge about this place.
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The Building


As the years have gone by, Bom Sucesso Market began showing signs of natural wear and it became outmoded for the 21st century standards. The restoration of the building involved not only the rehabilitation of its main structures, but also changing the concept of the Market. However, the soul of this characteristic place, that was classified as a Public Interest Building and as a Public Interest Monument by the Ministry of Culture and IGESPAR, in 2011, has been preserved.

The architectural restoration, made by FA.A Arquitetos, didn’t alter the main structure of the building. However, two new assets were added: a four star Hotel and an office area that co-exists with the stalls, the stores and the restaurants.

The whole project includes an 85-room hotel, a new office area, a commercial area with 44 stalls, 23 stores and a Fresh Produce Market, with a total area of around 34,440 square feet, (3,200 square meters).

The concept of the Market was adapted so as to identify with an ever-growing bustling city that keeps setting trends. Today you may not hear the market cries, but there are still stalls and stores where you can find a variety of products and services and that stimulate unique encounters and symbiosis.

This large bright place invites people, places and projects to interact.


The building was designed in 1949 by the architects Fortunato Leal, Cunha Leal and Morais Soares, at Oporto City Council’s request, following the construction of the Matosinhos Market, in a neighboring council. The Market – with an area of about the 107,600 square feet (10,000 square meters) – opened to the public in 1952 with several stores and fresh products stalls.

The building is a fine example of modern architecture. The ceiling is dome-shaped, framed with gracifer cement in all its extension and supported by sectioned terraces. The interior is lit by the large glass skylights. It was projected so as to take advantage of the natural slope of the land, and it has three floors encircled by detached stores.

For many years the Bom Sucesso Market played an important role in the western part of the city, always with great commercial hustle and bustle where voices, smells, flavors and agitation mixed together. However, as new shopping areas sprang up in this area and the social habits of the people from Oporto changed, the need to shop in Bom Sucesso Market began to gradually fade.

And with those changes came the need to rehabilitate the Market, and put the past to the service of modern needs, while keeping the essence of the once very popular and lively Market.

Why us


The Past and the Present

Complicity between past and present.

The building and the aura of Bom Sucesso Market do not go unnoticed in Oporto, it is virtually impossible not to want to visit this place, a place that has become even more appealing, inviting and intimate after its restoration. Despite its new market concept, adapted to the modern days, the trading essence of the Market was kept and the commercial component is prioritized; only now it has a more sophisticated touch. Past experiences and tradition were passed on and adapted to the new demands of the 21st century, making the Market a place of well-balanced combinations.

Fresh Produce Market, Rich and Varied Gastronomy, Hotel, Offices

Excellence Markets

The Fresh Produce Market and the gastronomic area color and enliven this large bright space. Products, services, food and cultural activities offer you plenty high-quality and good taste alternatives. In the Bom Sucesso Market, besides buying fresh and premium quality products at affordable prices, you can also taste and discover a wide variety of Portuguese products, or products from other parts of the world. The focus of this renewed Market concept is in the spreading of knowledge and in raising awareness of different flavors, unknown even to local people. There are also several stores with a varied offer, carefully selected for the refinement of their products.


The restaurants offer a delightful variety of choices, with traditional Portuguese cuisine walking alongside other world flavors, such as Japanese, Italian, Spanish, North-American, and other cuisines. The gastronomic experience is intense and unique in a place where all meals have a sophisticated touch. Sociability and well-being are key words. Bom Sucesso Market was made for people, and it distinguishes itself for the appealing places and for a commercial activity that invites people to socialize, chat and exchange experiences. All the hustle and bustle of Portuguese and foreing visitors laughing and talking is already part of the city of Porto and is music to our ears. We invite you to get involved and interact in Bom Sucesso Market, a unique place with a unique soul so easy to fall in love with.

Mercados de Excelência

Bom Sucesso Market offers a diverse cultural programme weekly. Live music, theater and dance performances, exhibitions and workshops are some of the activities organized to breathe life into the market, to cheer and to engage clients and visitors. The cultural agenda is very wide-ranging and is aimed at visitors of all ages. Musical styles fall mostly under the category of jazz, soul, nu-soul and lounge. Theater and dance performances are usually contemporary, occasionally covering themes related to the traditions of the city and of the Market. Exhibitions and workshops cover many different themes. Workshops tend to cover gastronomy, preparation of beverages, craftwork and decoration related themes.