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Bonboncha is a tea house, more specifically bubble tea, and is a famous brand that originated in Taiwan. Bonboncha means “good tea”, and that’s what our motto is! All of our drinks were developed by Taiwanese milk tea experts, so we want to provide our customers with the real bubble tea experience. Bubble teas can be divided into two groups, teas with milk and teas without milk, where we have a wide range of drinks to try, from fruit teas (fruit teas), smoothies, milk teas and even coffee drinks! But what really gives bubble tea its name are the “bubbles” included in our drinks, the best known and classic are the tapioca pearls, and the most loved ones are the pooping bobbas, which are small balls filled with fruit juice that explode. in the mouth when they are bitten, they are delicious in our fruit teas! At bonboncha it’s always bobba time!

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