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Sierra Portugal, S.A. (“Sierra Portugal”) ensures that the privacy of all visitors  (“User” or “Users”) to this website is guaranteed. Your personal data is not registered in any way, simply by visiting the website. However, the use of certain contents of the website, such as online forms to address information requests or to lodge complaints, will imply that your data may be used, solely for the purposes that it was volunteered for.

This Privacy Policy regulates the collection and processing of personal data provided by Users, as well as their rights regarding this data according to the Portuguese Data Protection Act.

Data collection and processing

Sierra Portugal is responsible for collecting and processing Users’ personal data.

This data will be processed and stored by Sierra Portugal or outsourced services, in order to contact Users for promotional and other similar purposes. All personal data will be stored so as to allow its use only during the period of time necessary for processing. These details will then be deleted form our database.

Sierra Portugal guarantees that all collected data is made available by their rightful owners, who deliver the information voluntarily, and declare that all information is true and accurate.

Right of access

Users are given right of access to their personal data, in order to update and correct their details, as well as the right to deny access to their details for processing purposes, by sending a written request to the following address:
Rua Galileu Galilei, 2 – 3rd floor
Edificio Torre Ocidente (Colombo Shopping Centre)
1500 – 392 Lisbon Portugal

Transmission of Data

Sierra Portugal will not transmit any personal data to third parties unless formal consent has been granted by the User, or in any of the following cases:

(I) if the data must be passed on due to any legal obligations, as a result of a deliberation by the National Commission for Data Protection, or in order to comply with a judicial order;

(ii) if the data must be passed on for any legitimate purpose provided for in the law.

Security Measures

Sierra Portugal does all it can in order to protect Users’ data from unauthorised internet access. We use security systems, regulations and other procedures in order to guarantee the protection of Users’ personal data, as well as to prevent unauthorised access to, improper use, disclosure, loss or destruction of the data.

However, it is the Users’ responsibility to guarantee and ensure that their equipment has adequate protection against harmful software, viruses, worms and/or malware. Moreover, Users must be aware that without additional security measures (such as secure web configurations, updated antivirus software, adequate firewalls, and refraining from the use of unsafe software) their personal data and passwords may be at a higher risk of being accessed by unauthorised third parties.

Please remember that when data is collected on open networks such as the internet, it may be randomly disclosed, and may be at a higher risk of being seen and used by unauthorised third parties.


Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer in order to identify it on our server. Cookies do not identify you personally, rather, they identify the computer you are using. Cookies are not used to collect personal data. This website uses cookies in order to assess your use, interests and number of times you visit the website, so as to allow for faster and more efficient use every time you visit. As such, you will not be required to repeat information already given on previous visits.

These are the cookies used on our website:

  • pll_language: cookies used to determine the User’s language preferences;
  • Google Analytics cookies: an analysis tool created by Google in order to assess Users’ involvement and activity on the website as well as the features used.

All browsers allow Users the option of accepting, declining or deleting cookies. This is usually defined in your browser Settings. However, if you choose not to allow cookies, be aware that your browsing experience on our website may be partially or fully compromised. For more information regarding cookies please refer to our Cookie Policy.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Sierra Portugal reserves the right to change, add to, or revoke this Privacy Policy at any given time, without prior notice and with immediate effect. Any changes will be immediately posted on this webpage. If you have any doubts or issues concerning our data collection and processing activities, please send them in written form to the following address:
Legal Department
Rua Galileu Galilei, 2 – 3rd Floor
1500-392 Lisbon Portugal

Personal Data Protection Commitment

At AlbufeiraShopping we are committed to being transparent in processing and protecting your personal data.

To this end, we have created a short video to tell you, in a clear and simple way, what we do with your personal data and your rights.

You can find this information, dealt with in greater detail, in our “Personal data protection commitment”, which is available here.


Your personal data is not just numbers to us. They are a part of you!



On 25 May, the way we process your personal data will change. With the new General Data Protection Regulation that applies in all EU member states.

This introduces a new series of regulations that puts you in the right place: in control.

Our commitment is to you and the protection of your personal data. We have introduced new measures to ensure best practice in securing and protecting your personal data.

Processing your personal data:

  • To send you communications on topics that will interest you;
  • So you can receive promotions offering discounts and information about your shopping centre;
  • And to provide you access to the reserved area on your shopping centre’s website, where you can see all the promotions you have signed up to, and define your preferred shops and products.

However, if at any time you want to stop receiving our promotions and communications, it is very simple to do so. Just cancel the subscription (unsubscribe) or get in touch with us by any of the ways outlined in our “Data Protection Commitment”.

And there’s more. As the owner of the data you can also:

  • Request information about how we process your personal data;
  • Request that we correct and update your data;
  • And, in certain cases, you may request restrictions to the processing or even deletion of your personal data.

Our responsibility is to provide you with all the information. To this end, we commit ourselves to:

  • Informing you about all the ways we process your personal data and the uses to which it is put.
  • Guarantee that the information is clear, up-to-date and available;
  • Remove your data when it is no longer necessary or when you tell us you would like it to be deleted;
  • And, when contracting services, to choose suppliers who offer more guarantees in respect of the security and handling of your data.

Because we want to ensure you are always well informed about this matter, we have produced this “Data Protection Commitment”, which we would ask you to read.

Should you have any questions about the processing of your personal data and this website, please fill the form available here or contact us at

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