The sweetest Easter with the Market’s help

Choosing sweets for the Easter table is not easy, they are all wonderful! If you haven’t made your list yet, Mercado Bom Sucesso has suggestions to delight the whole family.

Ready to have your mouth watering?

  • Chocolate Rosa: For lovers of Ovar sponge cake, the Chocolate Rosa’s one is a must on your table. With a light texture and an unmistakable flavor, this traditional sweet is a real temptation for those with a sweet tooth. But if for you, what counts at Easter is something sweet, any of the cakes on this stall will do the trick.
  • Leitaria da Quinta do Paço: Are you ready to indulge in the special Easter eclairs at Leitaria da Quinta do Paço? With irresistible fillings and festive decorations, these cakes are a true work of art. Everything on display is an excellent option.
  • Confeitaria Comchá: If you’re a fan of convent sweets, you can’t miss those from Confeitaria Comchá. With ancient recipes and authentic flavors, these sweets are a tribute to tradition. Will you choose the Amarante Regional Sweets, Abade de Priscos Pudding, Fios de Ovos, Folar or all of them?
  • Arcádia: And, of course, we can’t forget Arcádia’s famous traditional Almonds and Bonjour Liqueur Dragees. Easter eggs are also central to any Easter celebration. You won’t be able to stick to just one of them.
  • Confeitaria Moura: Jesuítas, Limonetes and Tirsenses are always the right choice! At this emblematic stall, you can find a wide variety of traditional sweets that are impossible not to bring home, such as chocolate or orange slices, doce branco, húngaros, raivas, coquinhos, pivetes e fartos de côco. If you can’t escape the sponge cake, why not try the bôla de pão de ló ou as roscas de pão de ló?
  • Coffee Point: Did you know that Coffee Point has more than ten different flavors of Brigadeiros? It will be difficult to choose! Hurry up and try one before they all disappear from the Easter table!
  • Pérola do Bom Sucesso: Here, the shelves full of fresh products come to life! This is the ideal place to buy all the ingredients for the Easter menu, with the quality characteristic of this traditional Porto grocery store, but you can’t miss the sweets. Our favorites are the Liqueur Almonds and Freixo Sweets!



Place your orders and celebrate a colorful and tasty Easter with Mercado Bom Sucesso.